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Thursday Thirteen #21 - 10th Anniversary


Thursday Thirteen #21 - 10th Anniversary

Top 13 things I remember surrounding my wedding day. I could only use snap shots for a few of these. All the really cool photos are in our wedding album. They can't be easily dug out!

1.) I remember looking out the window of the high rise hotel to see if he was outside waiting for me. LOL

2.) It was a very sunny and windy day. We couldn't get our unity candle to stay lit.

3.) I had no idea what to do with my hair and some lady that was there in the room where we were all getting ready did my hair. You can't see her face which doesn't help jog my memory. LOL
4.) The store didn't remove that silly safety ink tag from my mother's dress. She was VERY upset.
5.) The pictures after the ceremony were so much fun! We have some really silly pictures. We didn't pose at all and it was very natural.

6.) I couldn't wear those shoes any longer and had to change into my high top Reeboks!
7.) Our mailman from the building that we both worked in came to our wedding and made a toast. LOL!

8.) Our wedding cake was so cool! We had a cake that was a castle and the grooms cake was a sailboat. Our cake topper is in between the two cakes on a bridge.
9.) No one in my family made a toast. Instead the guy who insisted that it was a mistake for us to get married made the toast for my side of the family. Talk about VERY awkward! My family aren't really toast people.

10.) The bag pipe band and the dancers who drove in to play at our reception. They were a wedding gift from me to my husband. People are still talking about it! It was perfect.

11.) The rehearsal dinner was a blast. The caterer made my husband a giant shrimp tree. I also became acquainted with Yeager Meister and crawled to the hotel room. I remember being in the bathtub fully clothed of course. I think I got sick's a blur and I've never touched that stuff again!

12.) We took a boat ride on the Texas Tease the next morning. It was a bright sunny day and perfect weather for a boat ride.

13.) When we made it to the hotel in Aruba. Our view was like a dream! It was just beautiful.


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