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Bloggy Moms!


Bloggy Moms!

OK - So during the Ultimate Blog Party I must have visited about 500 blogs. I popped in and out and read post after post. What I found just amazed me and for some reason I still can't seem to wrap my brain around it. There are women out there with 5, 6, 7, 8 and more children. Those to me, are the super women! How do they do it? What do their husbands do? Do their husbands help out? I'm just so curious. Many of them also home school and I'm beginning to see how that could be a benefit. My son use to be so sweet and polite. The more he was around other children and was name called and heard things, the less he was nice and polite toward others. I've watched and have lately pondered if public school is the way to go. It's just been interesting to see how many super women there really are out there. I've been called that a few time just because I blog and run a business and have a household to run and try to help out the online community as much as I can. I think to some degree we are all SUPERWOMEN in our own right.

There was one blog that was really outspoken about how boring it must be to read about SAHMs and their children. I found this SUPER offensive to read. I won't point out who it was because it isn't worth giving her the attention. I just found it really abrasive! Seemed like she had a bit of growing up to do to me. I think every woman has an interesting story to tell.


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