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Day 269


Day 269

Perfect! Today has been a kick abs and take names kind of day. One thing to be thankful for is caller id. Lately I have been the caller while those I am calling just look at the caller id and see that it is me and decide that for what ever reason they don't want to talk to me. Often I am unaware of this but every now and then a situation will arise and I'm clearly aware that it is happening. My phone calls are being screened. It's even better when it's your own children screening your calls. Insert dagger here - - - >

Today of all days I was the one who was lucky enough be on the receiving end of the screening process. The phone rang and I took a look at my caller id and decided, I don't want to talk to this person. For a change I get to have my own reasons not to answer the phone. Hopefully this person doesn't feel very good about having their calls screened because I know it doesn't feel good when it happens to me. Eye for an eye? A little immaturity? Maybe a taste of ones own medicine? Call it what you like, no one likes to be ignored but I guess that at times it's just necessary. How else can we weed out the negative? Technology rocks, don't you think?


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