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Priscilla Madison Kramer - 19 Weeks


Priscilla Madison Kramer - 19 Weeks

I was going to save this for a Wordless Wednesday but I'm afraid it requires some explanation since it is an ultrasound! LOL

If you look at the photo and you tilt your head to your left shoulder you will see her face. Her mouth is open and she is sticking out her tongue!

We have a little tradition with our kids. Our eldest son has my husbands initials. My husband wanted to pass down all of his monogrammed items. Our second son has my husbands fathers initials. He will receive all of his grandfathers monogrammed items.

Now that we have a girl I thought it would be fun for her to have my initials. What fun that has been trying to figure out a name that we could agree on that started with a P. Just when we got over that hurdle, came all the names that started with an M!

We were all in the van coming home and our eldest son said What about Madison? My dh and I looked at each other and smiled and said "That's it!" No more discussion that is her name we are done. LOL


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