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Thursday Thirteen #24 - Baby on The Brain


Thursday Thirteen #24 - Baby on The Brain

Rather than just have a ton of anxiety I thought I would take the opportunity to use Thursday Thirteen as a bit of therapy. I've got a bit of baby on the brain.

1.) Is it a boy or girl? I would love to have another boy because that girl right there on the right in that photo broke the mold! LOL

2.) It's going to hurt! The last time there just wasn't enough drugs for the pain. I had so much I got sick. It wasn't pleasant.

3.) What if it doesn't want to come out? LOL - The last 2 were so big it was a challenge to get them out. I'm not going to get graphic here.

4.) What if there is something wrong? The last one came out with the cord around his neck. There was a lot of massaging going on. No one told me until after the baby was in the clear.

5.) We are going to be around 55 and 60 before this one leaves the house!

6.) When will we get to sleep again? We run on fumes as it is and both of our boys still get up in the middle of the night.

7.) We have to get our Super Star out of the crib and into a bed so that we can use the crib again.

8.) What if my doctor is not there to deliver my baby? Ugh!

9.) I have at least 20 more weeks of people lifting up my shirt to LOOK at my belly.

10.) I have at least 20 more weeks of people wanting to TOUCH my belly. You would think I would be use to that by now, no I'm not.

11.) I wish people would stop asking if we are going to have more. Don't they think it crosses our minds that 5 children between us is enough? We know.

12.) The names! Going through the names and trying to decide on one we all like. That will be easier when we know if it's a boy or girl.

13.) The baby shower! I've had so many, what if people get tired of coming? LOL

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