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Thursday Thirteen #25 - Message In A Bottle


Thursday Thirteen #25 - Message In A Bottle

My eldest has been out of the nest for almost a year now. It's been a big adjustment for all of us. Here is a list of things that I didn't realize needed to be said.

1.) Give me a break! I've told you what to do for the last (insert # here) years. I've told you when to get up, go to sleep, when to eat, what to eat, what to wear, where to go, when to be there etc. It takes time to release this mode. I know you are now in charge of doing these things yourself now so don't get mad if I remind you! It's years of programming, Get Over It!

2.) Just because you are now an adult doesn't mean I appreciate a potty mouth. I'm still your Mom so remain respectful.

3.) If you are going to ask for money at least ask over dinner. Can't you slyly make the request while appearing to enjoy your parents company?

4.) If you don't want the parental opinion maybe you should make that clear before you begin your story. This will allow you to vent easily and prepare us from refraining from forming any feed back.

5.) Trust your parents. Why would we push you in the wrong direction? Why invest years of guidance only to watch you go down the drain?

6.) Make time for your parents. We are use to seeing you every single day. It's hard when we don't know what is going on any more. A phone call can be nice as well.

7.) Your siblings miss you too! They have grown up with you and now you are gone. Make some time for them. That's how great bonds are formed.

8.) Do not allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to communicate with your parents for you. Unless you are incapable of doing it yourself because you are in a coma in the hospital.

9.) Be careful how you express your opinions about your family others may misinterpret you. Oh and we don't have to like everyone you date! Most likely we will only like one and that will be the one we arrange for you. LOL

10.) Could we please not talk about marriage before your 25? Focus on your education and setting yourself up financially for goodness sake! At least give us time to save up for the big fantasy you have built up in your head.

11.) Don't get annoyed when you get lectured because you keep putting off very important things. For example: taking care of a traffic ticket so that you don't get a warrant out for your arrest. Yes, that would be good. We don't really want to bail you out of jail for that one.

12.) Yes, this is really what it is like to live on your own and you can't live the lifestyle that your parents provided for you. You must start from scratch like everyone.

13.) Yes, you should have stuck to the plan we set out for you because it was a lot easier than the struggle you are going through now. But hey, to struggle just builds character and think of the stories you will have to tell to your own children. :)


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