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Thursday Thirteen #29 - Latest Words


Thursday Thirteen #29 - Latest Words

Oh what fun it can be to spend the day with a toddler. They are always learning new things. He knows how to sign but now that he can speak clearer he just says what he wants. I thought I would share 13 things that are on his radar these days.

1.) "Trash" - He loves to take out the trash. I have no idea why but he loves to drag the bag down to the curb.
2.) "Mailbox" - He loves to check the mailbox and he likes to check the neighbors too.
3.) "Juice" - This is not really juice, it's Clorox 2 color bleach. He always reminds me to put some in the wash while I'm doing laundry.
4.) "Potty" - He likes to remove his diaper, stand in front of the potty and stick his belly out! It's pretty funny to see. Nothing has happened yet but he seems to enjoy himself.
5.) "Snow Cone" - Every time I drive down the street where the snow cone place is he has to repeat it over and over. This boy loves a snow cone.
6.) "Granny" - We visit my gram in the mornings most days. All the way to the house he says her name over and over! I actually recorded it on my cell phone so she could listen to it.
7.) "Daddy" - Every time the dogs bark he thinks his Daddy is home. This happens all day and I sort of feel sorry for him. I know Daddy isn't going to be home until the evening time.
8.) "School" - He likes to say this when we take his brother to school and when we leave to pick him up!
9.) "Brother's Name" - He loves to call out his brother's name while we are waiting in line to pick him up from school. It's really cute!
10.) "Mommy" - He does this in the car all the time. He repeats it for no other reason than to drive me mad! LOL - I can't help but laugh because he does it all the time.
11.) "Big Sister's Name" - He likes to carry her photo around the house and he just talks to her photo. I have no idea what he is talking about but it sounds pretty serious.
12.) "Toni, Max & Sam" - He loves to call the dogs and see where they are around the house.
13.) "No!" - Oh I think this is his favorite word! Are you finished with your bath? Nooo! Do you want some more milk? No! Come on let's change your diaper. Noooooo!


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