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To Teach Your Children Well - Day 253


To Teach Your Children Well - Day 253

First let me start by saying that bedtime for the 2nd night was so cool! Our little Super Star didn't get up one time. That was so incredible! During nap time it did take an hour and a half to get him to stay in his bed. It's ok though I will persevere that's what I do. He's out of the crib and it's going better than expected so we are on the right track.

Now for the parents, currently I'm going through one of these weird situation where I'm not allowed to joke about my child with their s/o (for now). They view it as putting my kid down or something stupid like that. In our family we have a lot of banter going back and forth and constantly joke with each other. This is how we get through the major stupidity of certain situations and silly choices.

I would not say anything about someone (especially my own kid) that I wouldn't tell them directly. I find it is easier to live your life that way. So today for instance - through email exchanges I asked this s/o to tell my child "thanks for trying." They turned that quote into me being mad at my own child. What????? I was really thankful that my child was trying to help. Guess that is the downside??? People can't tell when you are joking and when you are not! Although I never joke about being thankful! Geeeeez!

My point is that you should tell your children to be careful how they vent about the family. No family is perfect, granted but your children know the family. Someone else could take that venting a step further and try to impose themselves in places that they have NO business being. Why do they do this? Apparently they feel like they are protecting or defending your child from you! Yes, you! How weird is that? Someone spends an extended period of time with your kid and they suddenly become this amazing expert on your whole family. Pretty odd from where I am sitting that is for sure.


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