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Baby Borrowers - Day 199


Baby Borrowers - Day 199

Whoo Hoo! I'm going to keep up with The Baby Borrowers! It is so neat that they have finally come up with something that seems worthy of a reality show. As a young mom and my love for social and behavioral sciences this right up my ally! I just laughed at the thought of these "teenagers" who have had these babies for 12 hours and are already losing their minds. Of course it's nothing like having your own because there is no 3 day time limit. I can't wait to watch their journey. I do feel sorry for the parents who have lent out their children and are on the sidelines ready to step in at any moment. These babies are at the mercy of teenagers who "think" they are ready to be parents. These couples were arguing even before the babies arrived. Oh I laughed and laughed! I can tell this is going to be entertaining for all parents. I'm glad to be in my mid 30's! Patience is something that doesn't come over night it takes years to develop. I'm thankful that it finally did.


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