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Mr. Yuk! - Day 203


Mr. Yuk! - Day 203

Something horrible began at 7am this morning. Oh man, oh man I thought I was going to die! Serious things were happening to my body and whatever it was, everything wanted to leave. It was just beyond horrid. I actually called the Dr. and he called me in a script to help with the vomiting. It's a medication they give to people on chemotherapy. My dh had to leave the country today. Here we were in another quandary, who is going to keep the boys in line? Lucky for me my mom and grandma came to our rescue. They took care of the boys, did the dishes and our laundry. Sweeeeeet! They took the boys overnight too but then another unexpected thing happened. As I lay upstairs just trying to recover a storm hit and the electricity went out. I ended up having to go to their house and sleep over there too. We had pancakes for breakfast in the morning. I didn't eat that much but what I did eat stayed down and that was a good sign!


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