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Me vs. TX Summer


Me vs. TX Summer

I'm pretty sure that I am losing! It's so hot and with a bun in the oven forget about it. I'm trying to use all my free resources. We hit the park first thing in the morning. I'm trying to get them to run some of that energy out but none of us last that long. The heat is just horrible! We are also going to the library which is nice and cool. We take advantage of the puzzles, books and movie rentals. We do a lot of window shopping too. That's the worst one though because they always want to leave with something! Barnes and Noble is a great place to cool off because they have the kids area with a train station in the back of the store. I don't want my kids in the house all day but it is boiling outside and I for one can't handle it. It's really starting to make me feel sick! This is my 4th summer pregnancy and the only way it's comfortable outside is if you stay in water.


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