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War on WOW


War on WOW

Am I the only one that has issues with this stupid game that takes up an enormous amount of time in my house? Am I the only that has a loved one that is deeply involved in this game? I'm sure this is a fine game and truly I hope to never get sucked into its online trap myself. Surely I'm not willing to pay a monthly fee for something that would keep me from doing an enormous list of things that need to be done. No, I don't think I would pay for that. Surely I wouldn't want to pay for something that keeps me from sleeping or waking up early just to play. Oh sure it's a stress reliever of sorts, or could be a vice of sorts but at this point I really don't give a flying pig! It's just crap! It's not picking up our house, it's not entertaining our kids, it's not getting our accounting done, filing papers, clearing the rest of the shed in the backyard or fixing the door and yet still it serves it's idiotic purpose in our house. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - The boy and I bought the board game for Father's Day so maybe it could serve as some sort of entertainment for the whole family. No that's not happening, the online version is much simpler. After all it does act as way to delve off in another world far from the one your freakin living in buddy! Yes, you may hear a lot more about WOW on my blog because for me to post about it is much easier than the alternative. The nasty confrontations that only end up with this silly game being defended in all it's glory. Good Lord help me!!!!!!!!!!! - I have very little desire to play the board game now! Beware of WOW it is a giant suck whole of your time!!!!!!!!!! - I'm done. Thank you.


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