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A 1930's Kind of Guy? - Day 110


A 1930's Kind of Guy? - Day 110

This is a small conversation with my eldest son who just happens to be 7! And in case you are new I'm 7 months pregnant with baby #4 and it's a girl.

dlk: Mommy, I think I would like a brother next.
me: What?! No, I don't think so, you already have a brother.
dlk: I know, but I want another one!
me: No, I am not some sort of baby making machine.
dlk: Oh yes you are!!!!!
me: No! No I am not! Now stop it!
dlk: Mommy I already have 2 sisters and now I want 2 brothers.
me: Look, you don't just put your order in son! I'm not a factory.
dlk: Oh yes Mommy! That is what girls are, baby making factories!



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