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Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!


Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!

This time I went to answer the front door. My friend had shown up to get some work stuff. I should have known something was up! He was too quiet. Here he is in my make-up! He got all my lip glosses mixed up and it's all over his face! Lucky for me I wear light colors. When we go visit his Granny in the mornings he will go in his big sisters room (if she is there) and get into her make-up. She doesn't care! She will put it on him. Yes she will break out the lip gloss and get him to pucker his lips and all. She did this with her other brother too. He became very attached to her Cotton Candy flavored lip gloss. No worries, he's older now and is no longer impressed with her lip gloss. LOL - Until next time on....Tornado Toddler!

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