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Thursday Thirteen #32 - Upcoming Family Get Togethers


Thursday Thirteen #32 - Upcoming Family Get Togethers

Oh dear this is an old photo! 7 years ago and I believe this was Mother's Day. There will be another little girl at the end of this line next year at Mother's Day. This weeks Thursday 13 is a mini calendar for all the family events that are coming up! It's going to be crazy! Ready, set, go...

1.) My birthday party! Whoo Hoo
2.) Father's Day
3.) 4th of July - We always go to the Community Center and watch Johnny Dee & The Rocket 88's and then it's fireworks. Those are the guys that came up with the Don't Mess With Texas jingle.
4.) My daughter will be having her 19th birthday.
5.) We will be having my baby shower for Priscilla.
6.) My oldest brother's birthday
7.) My Super Star's 2nd birthday
8.) The birth of Priscilla Madison Kramer
9.) My oldest boy's 8th birthday
10.) My other brother's birthday
11.) My sister in law's birthday
12.) My nephew's 17th birthday
13.) I think we get a break until Thanksgiving!
WoW I'm tired now.


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