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Rooms To Go Part 2 - Day 214


Rooms To Go Part 2 - Day 214

Oh the excitement filled the air today! The couch is coming. Our delivery window was from 3-7pm. We waited and waited and then after 7:oo pm I called to find out where the couch was and customer service is closed. Nice! Then I decided I would call the saleslady that sold us the couch. She assures me that it will be delivered any minute! We wait some more and by 8:40pm I call her again to find out what happens if they don't come. She tells me delivery is not an exact science. I had to laugh at the woman! Seriously! We live in the technology age and everyone including my mother has a cell phone. I'm sure our phone number is some where on the delivery papers. I have children to put to bed and you want me to wait up for a couch. It's 9:15pm and my dh and our eldest son get home from cub scouts. I explain the ordeal and our Super Star is still up running around. No sense in putting him to bed when all the commotion is just going to wake him up! 9:30pm we hear a big truck pull up and sure enough it's our delivery. One of the delivery guy's phone is ringing while he's bringing in our furniture. My dh and I just look at each other. Finally it's all set up and it takes up our entire living room. We can seat my whole side of the family on this couch! The boys are having a field day jumping and running all over it. They were so excited. It was like we put a playground in our living room just for them. There you have it, today I am thankful for our new couch. I think we are going to have some serious fun with it!

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