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Juno - Day 217


Juno - Day 217

I avoided seeing the movie Juno like the plague. I wanted to see it but then again didn't for fear that it would bring back memories of a very difficult time in my life. Being a pregnant teenager is in my top 3 most lonely experiences. It was a very difficult time and watching this movie just made me cringe a bit. I could certainly relate to the high school experience. I can just imagine how weird I must have looked being pregnant my junior year. It was embarrassing and of course people starred. My family was certainly less than proud of me at the time I'm sure. They were supportive but certainly this wasn't their expectation. I'm feeling that karma now. I'm getting a little lesson in expectations myself. But beyond all that it was a pretty good movie. In my situation I had thought about the alternatives and I did take more than one test just out of disbelief. After I put the news out there for my family, terminating the pregnancy would have just been too shameful for me to live with, odd I know but that was the thoughts of a 16 year old. Putting the baby up for adoption didn't seem worth it if I was going to go through the whole pregnancy. I couldn't see just handing the baby over to someone else to raise. I think my experience overall - having the baby and keeping her just made me a better person in the long run. As of late she has traded me in for the Sheila 2007 model which comes equipped without expectation, lots of warmth and acceptance. I hear it's all the new rage! This model comes with a users manual. There a certain buttons that you can push. They mostly say things like, "I Love You!", "I Miss You!", "You're boyfriend ROCKS!", "I'm so happy for you!", "Whatever makes you happy dear!", "How much money do you need?" Oh that's the kicker, it comes with an automated teller machine that is stocked with cash up to 3 years. I thought about trading my own mother in for one of these nifty new models but I still like my mom. Besides the Sheila 2007 model doesn't cook at all and my mom's pancakes ROCK MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not trading.


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