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Lego Store Part 2 - 215


Lego Store Part 2 - 215

Since we had to cut our last trip short we decided to try again. The guys weren't finished drooling over all the Lego products. They have a Lego table in the store that I would love to have here in our home! We checked our Super Star and everyone seemed happy and ready to shop. We all browsed and our Super Star was playing at the table and then there it was! Ewwww that smell! My husband is convinced that our Super Star gets so excited by all the Legos that he poos! LOLOLOL - Needless to say our trip was cut short again but this time they each came out with a box of Legos.

On the ride home........
dh: Did you see the photo of the founder's grandson in the store?
me: No
dh: I almost bowed!
me: LOLOLOL - OMG You did not just say that!


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