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Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!


Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!

This little guy is unreal! He brings me his candy jar that my gram made him and he has eaten it all and wants more. I had just gotten him showered and dressed and I told him there was no more candy. The candy is at granny's house. Well we had just gotten back home from her house. The boys wanted eggs this morning and my son will only eat her eggs. Well I guess our Super Star here put granny and eggs together and went to the fridge to get the eggs. All I did was go to the bathroom! This happened in a matter of seconds. He brought me a box of eggs and I'm walking in the kitchen to put the eggs up and this is what I find. While I'm cleaning up the eggs he is over here pulling all the shoes off the shoe rack! I then pick him up and sit him in my chair where I can see him. Then I finish cleaning up the eggs. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Scroll down for Wordless Wednesday.

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