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Dirty Sock Puppets!


Dirty Sock Puppets!

That's right, dirty sock puppets and here is how it started. My 7 year old likes to take his shoes and socks off in the van. He's been told a zillion times not to do this but still he does it. Today he took a pair of his dirty socks and put them on his hands! Ewwwwww - And proceeded to play sock puppets. Our Super Star didn't help matters because he was losing his mind with laughter. He thought this was hilarious! So the boy removes the sock puppets from his hands and puts them on the toddlers hands. Double Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! Dirty sock puppets for both of them and where in the hay stacks did I put that blasted hand sanitizer. No worries, I found it and proceeded to sanitize the both of them.

This did give me an idea though. I have tons of mismatched socks! Why don't we just use those and make clean sock puppets? I could even use the little socks for my toddler so it will fit his hands. Surely we have some sharpies and we could color some eyes, nose and mouth on. I'll see how that goes.


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