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Mama Needed a New Pair of Shoes - Day 204


Mama Needed a New Pair of Shoes - Day 204

I'm a huge fan of New Balance shoes! They just do it for me but as you can see the ones on the left are totaled! I don't know how long I have had them. I was running at the time so it's been more than a year. For my birthday my Mom gave me a gift card to Academy and I put it to good use. Here they are on the right, my brand new pair of New Balance cross trainers. Oh yes, every mother should have a pair of cross trainers just for keeping up with the kids. If you think about it, you are walking and running and sprinting at times! You move to the left and quickly to the right. Cross trainers are perfect mom shoes. When I put them on it was like having pillows on my feet. Nice!


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