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Thursday Thirteen #34 - Chips


Thursday Thirteen #34 - Chips

I'm a little late with my post, I know! I'm having odd issues today and they revolve around chips. For some reason I bought a variety and have all the bags that I bought open. I just wanted a sample of each. This is what helped me decide on my post today! Here they are, 13 of favorite brands of chips. I will be glad when I can have my body back and not have these odd cravings. - LOL

1.) Ruffles potato chips - they go great with french onion or ranch dip.
2.) BBQ flavored Ruffles
3.) Fritos - they go great with Pace Picante sauce or Guacamole dip.
4.) Cheetos
5.) Doritos
6.) Funyuns
7.) Sun Chips - French Onion flavor
8.) Tostitos - they go great with Pace Picante sauce or cheese dip.
9.) Pretzels
10.) Funyuns
11.) Munchos
12.) Fritos - Chili Cheese flavor
13.) Doritos - Ranch flavor


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