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Acoustic Clubbing - Day 183


Acoustic Clubbing - Day 183

There is a "hot" club that my eldest likes to go to and many of the people that know this particular club are very surprised that she would go there. What's the big deal? Nothing if you are attracted to the same sex. She tends to go with her bf and his friends. I had to do a little research on my own just out of curiosity. Many of the reviews complained about the unisex bathrooms and the things that go on inside. I went directly to the clubs web site and there is a photo gallery. I had to create a password just to see the photos. That alone scared me! What am I going to see that would cause me to need a password? I started having these horrible images of something along the lines of Girls Gone Wild! I'm looking through all the photos just praying that I don't see my daughter. Thank goodness I didn't, but I did see a lot of other daughters posing in photos that wouldn't necessarily make a parent proud. I wonder if these young adults know that these photos make it on to the web? It's a new world kids and technology is available to catch just about everything you do in photographs or video. Be careful out there!

Song of the day - Acoustic Clubbing (a Gotan Project remix)


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