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Thursday Thirteen #36 - Places I'd Rather Be


Thursday Thirteen #36 - Places I'd Rather Be

This weeks Thursday Thirteen is going to be about places I would rather be instead of this hot house! The air conditioner is broke right now so any place has to be cooler than here.

1.) On the beach in Aruba.
2.) On the night train to Paris.
3.) On the trail at Fall Creek Falls.
4.) In a cool shower.
5.) In a swimming pool.
6.) Anywhere in New England.
7.) New Zealand sounds good.
8.) Touring one of the castles in Germany.
9.) Another pregnant woman's house whose air conditioner works.
10.) In that nice condo we rented off Padre Island.
11.) Canada sounds good right now.
12.) Wisconsin maybe?
13.) In the water in Cozumel, Mexico.


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