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Mesopotamia - Day 190


Mesopotamia - Day 190

I'm not sure why this song is stuck in my head right now but I'm a huge B-52's fan. I will most likely have lots of their stuff on my song of the day stick.

MyFlashFetish has fun little mp3 players that you customize and I like that feature. Searching for music is another issue for me all together! A lot of what I find either no longer exists or the sound is from a YouTube clip. I actually had to change it up and go back to File Den to host my own music and then put the url into MyFlashFetish. It's a little more of a hassle but I really enjoy my music and putting it on my blog.

It's like I hit the contest jackpot today! If I win something I will be sure to announce it here. I can't wait for the Mamanista shower - it starts tomorrow and if you stop by to play games then Good Luck to you. The more the merrier.

Today my dh will be on the grill again and the menu will be: Steaks, baked potato and water melon for dessert. YUMMY!

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