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Don't Stop Believing - Day 194


Don't Stop Believing - Day 194

This is today's song of the day. I was in a Journey kind of a mood. Here's a little list of things to be thankful for today.

Baby Update: She's doing great and has a good strong heartbeat. I only gained a pound in the last two weeks. The Dr. says that babies sleep in 45 minute cycles. I was wondering if this baby sleeps at all. She is always on the move.

Big Sister Day: The boys got to spend a couple of hours with their big sis today. We fed ducks and geese, played at the park, hit Mickey D's for lunch and played on the trampoline. I wonder if she took a nap? LOL - Oh and that silly goose pecked me on my leg! I was surprised. I guess I wasn't feeding him fast enough.

The Baby Borrowers come on tonight! I can't wait.


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