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What's Your Most Precious Time of The Day? - Day 196


What's Your Most Precious Time of The Day? - Day 196

My most precious time of the day is nap time. Yes, it is for most mothers the most precious time of the day. It is our time for quiet, it is our time to rejuvenate, possibly get some things done without children climbing all over you, or if you are really lucky you might get to take a nap as well. It's been very difficult to come up with a schedule that works for both boys but I finally figured it out. Our mornings begin around 6am so by the time 1pm comes around everyone is exhausted! Our Super Star was having a difficult time getting down for his nap today. Finally, when we got him all settled in our eldest daughter walks in the house, "Hellooooo!" she says in her loud voice! OMG - No phone call, not even a knock on the door - is she kidding? She hasn't been to our house in a month and half nor have any of us really had a conversation with her. She picks now to come visiting when everyone is exhausted? My dh stayed awake to entertain her and of course our Super Star spotted her and that was it. Needless to say the only one who got to rest was our eldest son and he slept too long. It's going to be a long night. The baby is super cranky and so are we! Now we have to stick it out till 9pm or so before we can get them in bed and then at some point we can go to sleep too. Isn't it only polite to call before you go over to someone's house that has small children? The last time I didn't plan something involving her, she and her bf were both crying about it so I don't do that any more. It's not that I don't want her to visit but it would be nice if she could pick up the phone.


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