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Are They In Bed Yet? - Day 197


Are They In Bed Yet? - Day 197

No not yet! It's been a jam packed day. We bought bikes for the boys, shoes for the boys (both have grown a whole size!) and hit the library. Our Super Star also graduated into a toddler car seat and he loves it. I have to write a post about that later. I also baked a belated birthday cake for myself. I have to tell you that it is super yummy. It's a butter cake with chocolate frosting. We all took naps today but we hit the park after dinner. Our oldest wanted to go to the track and run. Sure, you go run! We will be right behind you - LOL. It's time to get these guys down for the night. We will be lucky to stay awake. Oh and dh and I watched Die Harder last night. I loved that movie it was so cool! I've only seen the first Die Hard and couldn't really get into the other 2 made but I was curious about the 4th one. It was worth watching! Hollywood didn't even ruin the ending it was actually pretty funny.


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