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A few great highlights from last nights show that I just have to comment on.
1.) The teenage girls wearing the pregnancy suits! - The one girl decided to take hers off because it was heavy, uncomfortable and her boyfriend laughed at her. LOLOLOLOL - Wait till your really pregnant! You have to deal with it for nine months.

2.) The one mom who intervened because she watched the teenage girl who was feeding her baby (who was refusing to eat at the time) say "fine you can starve then!" LOLOLOLOL - You big dork! You can't just let them starve they have to eat. I would have intervened too!

3.) The other mom who intervened because she heard the teenage boy say, "Just leave "it" in the crib it's going to cry any way!" LOLOLOLOL - What a dork! He said he was just joking but mom didn't think that was funny. I would have intervened on this one too! They had not changed the baby for bed or put a clean diaper on her.

4.) The dad who intervened because his baby girl wouldn't stop crying. The teenagers weren't playing with her. They held her the whole time and she is 7 months old. She wants to be on the floor and play. LOLOLOL - Great stuff! And yes you guessed it I would have done the same thing too.

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