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It's Raining Again - Day 173


It's Raining Again - Day 173

Song of the day It's Raining Again by Super Tramp! This is a very appropriate song. It's been raining for a couple of days. The kids are stir crazy and so am I. The electricity has already shut off a couple of times. Thanks Dolly! I hope this hurricane stays away. I should not be complaining about the rain. Good Lord!!! There are people who are losing their homes to flooded waters and businesses on Padre Island that are destroyed. I'm feeling silly now. I remember when our town was evacuated for hurricane Katrina. That was pretty scary and we spent 23 hours in our van just trying to make it to San Antonio. That was an amazing time to be stuck in the car with our children and our dogs. I'm thankful our home was still standing when we returned.


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