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Thursday Thirteen #37 - Christmas In July


Thursday Thirteen #37 - Christmas In July

He was just 15 months old when we moved here. We moved in right before Christmas and we didn't get a tree that year. Instead my dh made a Tinker Toy Christmas Tree. It's on the left there if you look closely. My soccer star was going on the other day about how he couldn't wait until Christmas. While he was listing off the reasons why I was typing them out for my TT post. He's pretty cool.

1. Drinking hot chocolate sitting on the couch by the fire.
2. Everything looks beautiful.

3. Presents.

4. Christmas decorations, the tree and lights.
5. Laying down by the fire and reading a book.
6. Everybody gets toys.

7. Everybody is being good.

8. Everybody is sharing.

9. It's snowing.

10. We get to watch Christmas movies.
11. Everybody is older than they were last year.
12. Baking cookies and writing letters for Santa.
13. You get to see Santa every where.


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