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Starry Eyed Surprise - Day 176


Starry Eyed Surprise - Day 176

Why didn't they have this song playing about 12 years ago? I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of the autoplay for music play lists but this one started when I was Entrecard dropping. I wish I could remember the blog but I could only remember the song - Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold. I remember hearing it on a commercial too but that memory escapes me.

The lasagna is ready and it's time to feed the hungry monkeys. I thought I wore them out today. I took them to the park and made them play outside but that didn't do it. These guys were up way too late last night. It's my daily mission to wear them out. OMG! My soccer star is over here bopping up and down to this song. It's hilarious! I really do love music, it's just fun!

SS: "Mom, I really love this song!"
Me: "You do?"
SS: "Yeah, did I just swallow my gum?"


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