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Mission Impossible - Day 177


Mission Impossible - Day 177

Oh yes, today felt like Mission Impossible! (it's also Song of the day) I had to choose the remix by Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton from U2 because it just ROCKS my socks. Enjoy!

My dh asked me one accounting question and that was it! It took me forever it seemed to get an answer. Again, pregnant me doing any sort of math = bad idea. I prevailed eventually, now if I could just get everything else in order. I'm working on it.

Then, I had to post all the winners from the shower. No problem, it only took 4.5 hours. You would be surprised at the detail and organization involved but it's done. Now I have to put all the winners in touch with the sponsors. That should take another couple of days or so. That's a piece of cake now that the time consuming part is over. I would say it was a great success. Some of the stories and the advice just cracked me up! Good stuff and I'm thankful for the giggles.


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