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Changes - Day 179


Changes - Day 179

Today's song is Changes by David Bowie. I'm a super dork because I had this post as Day 75. I have been trying to count down my 365 days of posting. I happen to notice that my number system was all wrong! I was off by 104? What a dork! LOL - It's my pregnancy brain. I'm telling you I should not be allowed to have anything to do with numbers while pregnant.

OK - So why Changes? My Gram came over today and we put the boys in one room. She helped me move the beds around so they can now share a room. The babies old room is now going to be a toy room. He kept sneaking in to sleep with his older brother and they are going to have share a room once the baby is here. My Gram is a furniture moving expert and I'm thankful for her help. I remember going to her house and she had the furniture moved around every single time we went to visit. I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the room. Now, to sift through all those toys! Their birthdays and Christmas is coming round the corner so we have to swap out the old with the new. Wish us luck!


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