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Doctor! Doctor! - Day 180


Doctor! Doctor! - Day 180

Today is the last day to get your entries in for the cyber baby shower to win prizes! This post is going to be my last little piece of advice for new moms out there in bloggy land. Follow your gut instincts when it comes to your babies.

This last allergy episode with our Super Star is the second time I've experienced the Mom's Gut vs. The trained professional with years of medical school! The first time was when he was 2 months old and ended up having malrotation surgery to fix his intestines. He wasn't holding down his food. That's the short version. He's fine.

This time when I asked his pediatrician if the penicillan shots could be related to the swollen eyes he said, "No way! he's not allergic"
"But he got the shot in the left thigh and the left eye swelled and today he got the shot in the right thigh and the right eye swelled shut!" I said. "No! I don't think that is it. It could be allergies or a bug bite" he says.

Wrong! I feel very good about taking him to the ER even if it was two days in a row, at least I felt a lot less crazy the second time we went. So there it is ladies! Doctors may have their teachings and schooling but no one knows your baby like you do. I think there's some mystical power that is passed through the umbilical cord. How else do you explain the Mom 6th sense? - LOL

He's doing much better today and the swelling is still there but it's gone down a great deal. His big brother found a pirate eye patch to help him out. Kids! - Scroll down to see the allergy photos.

Song of the day - Doctor! Doctor! by The Thompson Twins.


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