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Unbelievable - Day 178


Unbelievable - Day 178

You guys should see the serious dancing going on right behind me. I'm playing Unbelievable by EMF (song of the day on the right side bar) and my Super Star is turning in circles and rolling on the floor. He is ROCKING out! It's hilarious and I can't stop laughing.

I'm taking a break from my nesting issues. Yes, I've got serious nesting issues. I'm cleaning out the toy room from all the baby toys. So far I have 3 giant bags full of toys. These kids have an obscene amount of toys. I don't know what I'm going to do with all these toys. I could have a yard sale if I wasn't preggers. I'm not sitting out in the heat! I could save them until Fall hits but the problem with our house is we have ZERO storage room. If we could bulldoze this place and start over we would. The location and yard is great but the design of the house doesn't make any sense. OK - Nuff said. I will be sure to post lots of reviews about the toys and how well they worked! Back to the nest I go. ;)


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