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Are You My Friend? - James Avery Contest


Are You My Friend? - James Avery Contest

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? Two $25 certificates of appreciation aka gift certificates to James Avery! The card says it's especially for me and a friend. At some point I will post why they would send this to me but I would need a photo first. I'll work on that. OK - so I'm going to give away the extra $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner here on my blog! The $25 is valid from August 1st - 31st and can be used in their store or online! I will announce the winner here on August 5th by 10pm cst. How do you win? Simple, check out my Tag I'm It posts and tell me what you and I have in common. It must be something from one of the posts and the winner will be chosen using Good Luck! - Make sure you leave me an email or hyperlink to get in touch with you if you win. Contest is open to everyone.

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