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Solsbury Hill - Day 165


Solsbury Hill - Day 165

I don't know if anyone ever takes the time to listen to my choice selection of Song of the day (right side bar - stick player) but I listen to it everyday. My family and I will crank up the volume and just rock out! Today it's Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel.

In the past I would listen to this song on my mp3 player while walking the track. It's a good song just for that purpose. It has a steady beat that keeps your feet moving.

Today we ran a few errands and came home and passed out! Nap time is a good time. I have a billion things to do before this baby comes but I can't seem to keep up at all. My energy level is too low. I'm carrying too much weight. Everyone says I don't look that big. Are you kidding? I know how I feel! I've had a few people say I didn't know you were pregnant. Does that mean I just look fat? rofl
Today I'm thankful that I found this song again because I can't wait to hit the track!


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