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Thursday Thirteen #38 - Baby Items I Still Need


Thursday Thirteen #38 - Baby Items I Still Need

This is all the baby loot that I received from my baby shower over the weekend. Our entire world turned pink within a day! lol - After I made it through all the bags I realized there were still many items that I needed to buy before she comes. In order to help me remember I thought I would make a Thursday Thirteen post

1.) Diaper bag
2.) Baby Book
3.) Night gowns with the cuffs that wrap around the hands
4.) Teddy Bear shaped foam for baths
5.) Grooming kit
6.) Playtex baby bottle starter kit
7.) Infant car seat
8.) T-shirts with the side snaps
9.) Dreft
10.) Crib sheets
11.) Baby monitors
12.) Baby towels
13.) Stroller

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