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Tuesday Toot Meme - #2


Tuesday Toot Meme - #2

My dh asked how was your day? After the first two sentences he stopped listening. How did I know? He was clearly reading something he had received in the mail while we were sitting at the dinner table. Awesome! I love it when that happens. This is another reason why blogs are great. I will just toot my own horn right here!
- Fixed my setting in wordpress so that my company blog will now email me when I have comments to moderate. I was behind 300+ comments which included contest entries! EEK!
- Finally was able to compare merchant account fees vs. all in one paypal system. I'm not changing my payment system. Turns out even with all the fees it's still cheaper.
- I did add PayPal as an option on my shopping cart now for those customers who love the system.
- I've got a new Rainbow diaper cake ready, it shipped today for an event in New York! Oh it's so cool. I'm waiting on my designer to work his magic and then I will post the photos.
- I finally figured out a webmaster feature in x-cart to fix the privacy statement and terms and conditions on my company site.
That's it! I totally kicked some boo-tae today! I'm ready to rest.


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