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Baby Love - Day 171


Baby Love - Day 171

Games Galore! - What makes a good shower? A nice setting, friends, family, food and of course the shower games.

Baby Love (Song of the day) by the Supremes was one of the answers to a game we played at my shower. The game was to listen to snippets of songs with the word "baby" in the title and write down the song and artist. I won that game because I'm a bit of a music freak.
Why is she smelling that diaper? This game was hilarious! We had to guess the smell. Don't worry it was just different flavors of melted chocolate. It didn't look pretty but it smelled good. That was kind of disturbing because diapers and sweet smelling brown stuff don't normally go together. - LOL

What is she doing with that carrot between her knees? This was sooooooo funny! We had to pass this carrot around in a circle using our knees. If you dropped it you were out. Once the carrot made it all the way around the circle the carrot was cut and it was shorter each time! Funny stuff.

Here is our game coordinator for the shower. She was pretty exhausted but still manages a big giant smile for the camera. Well done! Kuddos!! I'm thankful to everyone who helped coordinate the event and for everyone who came.

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