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The Baby Borrowers - Episode 5


The Baby Borrowers - Episode 5

Did you catch The Baby Borrowers 5th episode last night? Here's a link to the short clips. There was a whole lot of drama when the teen parents were in charge of the teens. I really thought this was by far the worst stage and here is why!
- No parents monitored their teens during their stay (I guess they thought they were old enough to handle it.)
- There was more disrespect between the couples and the teens were not only witness to the fighting but they understand what's going on!
- The language was the worst in this episode. Again, I think because these are teens the teen parents really just let the cursing fly!

Dayton & Morgan broke up during this episode and Dayton left the show. Morgan stayed behind with her teen and continued the experiment as a single mom. This really isn't a surprise. Take two 18 year olds who have been dating for 3 years and watch them not fall apart under these types of situations. There are grown adults in their 30's who wouldn't be able to handle this. It's just interesting to see these teenagers who have stuck together for years stay together because they don't know any other way and are to afraid to do something different.

Austin & Kelly nearly broke up and they had a very heated argument. If I were Kelly I would be mortified to watch this episode. If I were Austin's mother I would have to have a very long talk with my son. ROFL! It was so sad because their teenager's parents had just gone through a divorce. He was just reliving the same situation he had come from. This couple knew this and still could not be selfless enough to put their teenager first.

Next week they get to take care of their fictional "parents" and I can't wait to watch! Until next week.......


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