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The Baby Borrowers - Final Episode


The Baby Borrowers - Final Episode

Is it a shock that after the experiment each couple is no longer together? To me it was a bit surprising. I thought there would be at least one couple that stayed together. Not one couple made it after enduring all the hazards of responsibility. It makes me very nervous to hear 17-19 year olds professing their love for each other and how they want to marry and have children. It's the prime time not to get married and have children. You don't even know who you are much less have the ability to take on another person or kids. I'm not saying people don't do it but....most of those who have would choose another way if they had to do it over again. What a great social experiment this was and next week they will have a town meeting to discuss what they learned. Taking care of the elderly which was the final episode was pretty interesting. My favorite was 77 year old Gene! He was full of spunk and energy. Until next week.... and here is a link to the shows recap.


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