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Thursday Thirteen #39 - Pregnancy Brain


Thursday Thirteen #39 - Pregnancy Brain

Rarely will you see photos of me. ROFL - I'm just not photogenic. My belly was so much smaller in this photo than it is now. I had a great post idea for TT but I forgot. So this is my new TT post entitled Pregnancy Brain.

1.) I have zero short term memory! Obviously I forgot what I was going to post.
2.) I put my sons shoes on the wrong feet.
3.) I marked my other sons birthday on the wrong day on the calendar.
4.) I baked the chicken wrong in the oven. I even wrote down how to do it and still did it wrong.
5.) I started the laundry in the wash but forgot to close the lid.
6.) I paid a bill twice.
7.) I deducted an amount from my water bill because I thought I over paid it. I didn't.
8.) I forget to take my vitamins all the time.
9.) I lost my cell phone for 3 days because I put it in a drawer and then the battery died and forgot where I put it.
10.) I forgot to file my sales tax report.
11.) I forgot to file my TWC report.
12.) I didn't count my inventory and now I'm out of one of my products but I did reorder.
13.) I write stuff on post its so I don't forget but then I forget to look at the post it.
This baby is going to be a genius!


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