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Thursday Thirteen #42 - What's It Like Now?


Thursday Thirteen #42 - What's It Like Now?

It's been a week now since our little girl has come into the world. What a week it has been and the changes are just incredible. It's amazing how adding another person to your already crazy family makes it that much more fun. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thank you so much for coming by last week to see all the photos and leaving your comments. I couldn't make it around to everyone and well here are my thirteen little thought's on what life is like now. Some of it obvious and well some of it isn't!

1.) Time crunch! There really isn't enough hours in the day. Thank God my mother has been coming over here for half the day to help out with the baby and laundry. Yes!

2.) Orders. She's like a good luck charm or something. I had an order the day I got home from the hospital and have been filling an order a day. Sweet!

3.) Spouse Balance. Me and my dh are working out our sleeping patterns around her. I'm good until about 2 am (so he sleeps) and he is good from 2 am after (which is when I sleep). We've been here before.

4.) Typing. Hilarious! Some times I can only type with one finger. rofl - other times if I position her just right and pull the keyboard up I can get it done quickly, like now for instance. Go Me!

5.) The Softer Side. All the males in the house are just mush around her! The boys love to hold her (see photo) and give her kisses. They love to visit with her in the morning and before they go to bed. Warm and fuzzy feelings.

6.) He's puddy! My husband is just fun to watch. He's a bear but with her...fugettabout it. He's all smiley and struts like a rooster. Fun to see this side.

7.) Voices. Everyone's voice goes up an octave when they talk to her. It's really hilarious. Especially listening to all the males around here. Giggles!

8.) Pink. Everything is pink! The blankets, clothes, burp clothes, bibs, socks - somebody throw me another color. Sick of pink.

9.) Music. It's crucial to my day now. It really sets my mood and I need it like I need coffee. It keeps me going as long as I have a good play list. I have to stay upbeat. Good vibes.

10.) More of the same. More clothes to wash and more diapers to change. We've been working on potty training with our toddler but nothing has happened yet. I'm throwing a party when it does! Keeping fingers crossed.

11.) Batteries! We are using a lot more batteries in the house. A lot of her baby things require batteries and well so do all the cameras for all those photos I'm taking.

12.) Baby Fever. Nothing like hearing our eldest daughter say, "I can't wait to have a baby! I can wait, but you know, I can't wait!" Owe, my ears!!! Shhh

13.) Happiness. We are truly happy to have her in our family. She's a great addition and we are blessed to have a healthy baby. Prayers answered. :)


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