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Slow Ride - Day 141


Slow Ride - Day 141

Song of the day - Slow Ride by Fog Hat. Wow I really dug for that one! I was looking for something that matched my sluggish day. I can't seem to get anything done. My areas around me are so disorganized and it's even worse now. My poor grandma has caught the same cooties as I had. Not sure where that nasty stuff came from and we were both at the hospital so who knows! I sure do hope she gets better and fast. Oh I did finally use that James Avery gift certificate to buy her a baby girl shoe charm with the new baby's name and birth date engraved to add to her bracelet. I hope that bracelet has room on it. Today I would like to thank the makers of Aleve. Those blue little pills are sure to cure my current headache and I'm thankful for that.


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