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Thursday Thirteen #41 - The Wait Is Over!


Thursday Thirteen #41 - The Wait Is Over!

1.) My favorite sign in the hospital. Guess which number I was giving them most of the time! lol

2.) Daddy and baby.

3.) Dr. La is our favorite! This is the third baby he has delivered for our family.

4.) Granny and Nana with baby. Aren't they proud?

5.) Big brothers with their new sister.

6.) There are volunteers that crochet these beautiful hats. Many thanks!

7.) Look at these cute baby feet!

8.) This is her polka dotted night gown she wore in her newborn photos.

9.) This gorgeous flower arrangement was sent to me by WoodGroup. Thank you! They smelled beautiful.

10.) The hospital gave us a complimentary cake with a bottle of Perrier water. It was yummy!

11.) This is Joanna. She is a representative from Chick-fil-a. My dh took the boys to eat lunch there. The boys were so excited about their new sister that they told the employees all about her. Joanna came by with balloons, cows, rootbeer and bowl of yummy fruit! Thanks Chick-fil-a!

12.) Here she is at home in her new princess bed.

13.) Of course everyone has to take a peek including the dog! rofl

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