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Maya's Mom closing on September 30, 2008


Maya's Mom closing on September 30, 2008

As much as I try to be in the loop it looks like I missed this one. Maya's Mom was really the first community that I enjoyed being a part of when I began networking. I was invited by Mama Saga aka It was a fine community to be part of. They are closing and moving on to Baby Center. I'm not sure who all will make the move but I'm going to find out. I was just going to add a Kiddism to my page too. I'm adding it here instead as sort of a last send off.

Maya's Mom

Son - "I can't wait to be a daddy!"
Me - "Why?"
Son - "Because then all I have to do is play on the computer and do math problems all day!"

Thanks for the good times Maya's Mom.


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