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Living In Oblivion - Day 154


Living In Oblivion - Day 154

Song of the day is Living In Oblivion by Anything Box but it is a remix by Chicago H (whoever that is). Either way it's got a little techno twist to it and it makes me want to clean up my house or organize something. I need the boost trust me! Here is what has been in my path of being stress free right here. Oh sure it may look some what organized but it really needs to all be gone.
This is paperwork for about 3 different companies with personal stuff mixed in. It weighs on me daily. I need more time with less distractions. Who am I kidding? I'm thankful for my kids! There is nothing like waking up in the morning with these little smiling faces trying to wake you up. Oh and my favorite is when they get under the covers with you and hang out, bliss. :)


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