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Under Pressure - Day 155


Under Pressure - Day 155

I can explain the Wordless Wednesday honest! They were fighting over a nerf dart on the stairs and the toddler went tumbling down the stairs. The silly nerf gun and dart are in the trash now. It's about the 1000th fight they have had over that toy but nothing resulted in such danger. We have a giant fire place right below our stairs. Who ever designed our home was drinking or something because the layout doesn't make sense!

I put the older one in time out and then little brother dragged a chair next to him. The photo is the result. I couldn't resist a photo op. I'm really thankful for my Canon Power Shot although it, never mind I will post a review later.

Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen is so appropriate for today! I have a list a mile long to get through. I will get through it, clean the house and entertain the kids all in the process. Bring it on. I eat days like this for lunch even in my 37th week of pregnancy.


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